Fantasy Garage Car Mug

Create your own personalised fantasy garage car mug, featuring 3 cars in colours of your choosing.

Design A Car Mug



  • £12.95

Personalised Car Mugs

Print your fantasy garage or car history on a classic 11oz ceramic tea mug (96mm tall, 82mm diameter).

Simply select your choice of modern or classic cars as well as a background colour for the mug and your desired mug inner and handle colour.

Your mug will then be printed and delivered within 3-5 days. The car images used when printing mugs are larger & higher quality than the ones used online.

Our mugs are dishwasher and microwave safe and are well packaged in secure mug boxes for delivery.

If you would like a particular car added as an option or wish to discuss additional customisation/logos for a Car Club or an Owners Group then please do get in touch.